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FAB Thanks YOU! All Our to Fun-Raiser Supporters

We were amazed, thrilled, and humbled by the support from everyone for our very first fundraiser! We couldn't have done it without you -- the sponsors, supporters, bowlers, spectators, and B's Bowling! You helped us rock it and we are so very grateful.

The entire night was a blast! Take a look at some of the pics and hop on over to our Facebook page to see the entire Bowling Fun-Raiser! 2019 photo album from the event.

Our homebrew club, the Flint Area Brewers, is actively involved in the craft beer and beverage community in Genesee and surrounding counties. Our mission is to expand the craft by providing our homebrew club members with educational opportunities and social events focused around the homebrew and craft beer culture. We offer full and social memberships for $25 and $15 per year respectively. Members of the club enjoy a full calendar of fun events that are organized by the club, such as: brew days, tastings, brewery tours, hop farm tours, malt house tours, social nights, and more.

The proceeds from this event will allow us to cover operating costs (such as website maintenance, insurance, etc.), purchase club equipment, pay for or subsidize events for our members, provide more learning opportunities, spread the interest in homebrewing to others, and support the craft beer and craft beverage community.

This fun-raiser also offered us an opportunity to spread the word about our homebrew club and all of the awesome craft beer and beverage establishments who share in our passion for this industry.

All-and-all, it was a great night for our members, guests, supporters, and friends to come together for a fun night of bowling! We couldn't have asked for anything more FABulous! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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