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FABulous News! First Post

After just one week of going live with the FLINT AREA BREWERS Facebook page, we are ready to go live to accept members with an online payment option. But, that's not all! We are setting the path for great things ahead. As you may have known, our first official event will be at the Warren Big Brew Festival. We will be set up as the FLINT AREA BREWERS with our club banner, printed by Flint City T-Shirts.

And, we ordered two pretty sweet bartender-professional stainless steel jockey boxes for use at club-sponsored/hosted events. These bad boys will be clean and ready to pour at least four beers for the People's Choice Award. We are planning to brew and we'd love to have some of our brand new FABulous members join us to brew or just to come hang out with the club. And, there's more...

We worked with Flint City T-Shirts on a small order of shirts to get us started and to have samples to show club members so that we can place a larger order.

We'll also have stickers too - each joining member will receive a sticker with their membership along with other benefits depending on whether you choose a Full or Social Membership.

Hopefully you'll be just as excited as we are about kicking this off right and getting things rolling. Are you in? Click here to learn more about how to join! And, you can pay online! How cool is that?


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